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UGHHH! Is that a snake?!
— Passerby

ExhibiLets is a letting agency with the creative in mind. Helping you let your space as an arts one or helping you find one to rent, ExhibiLets has everyone covered! On this exclusive tour, viewers of “Off The GrId”, a pop up exhibition in Merchant city, were given the chance to see the sites through a property savvy lens. This tour was conducted by one of ExhibiLets longest serving agents, Kirsty Louise Spencer.

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Part of “Off the Grid” exhibition, curated by Hannaa Hamadache.

All photos courtesy of Hannah Logan.

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Documentation of this performance was also seen in the Glasgow School of Art Postgraduate Degree Show, 2018, in the space of Hannaa Hamadache, Curatorial Practice Mlitt.

Below photos courtesy of Erin Brown.