Spook nooks: Pollok HOUSE EPISODE


Spook Nooks is a performance and video work which uses the format of a ghost hunting television show to research and interpret local heritage in a radical and contemporary manner, whilst also responding to modern life.

Spook Nooks: Pollok House Episode was a live  performance, mimicking the filming of tv, on the 23rd of February 2018 in Pollok House, Glasgow. This was part of the "Within Half an Inch of a Yard" exhibition, on the opening night. 

The performance consisted of "visited visitor" carol showing presenter Archie Sugar around areas of the house in which she had strange encounters. A live audience followed alongside the crew, and what occurred was unprecedented. 


NU3A1687.00_08_35_06.Still001 (1).jpg


The performance and subsequent video works are the products of extensive research both into the site and history of pollok house. This was directed through site visits and archival research of the Maxwell family's archive, located in the Mitchell library. The works present both raw and interpreted history from the perspectives of women in the house, and how these interact with society today.

Both the performance and video works are documented in the Spook Nooks Pollok House episode DVD. This DVD keeps up the facade that was so vital to the performance, of a cheesy, low budget, paranormal television show. The DVD presents the live filming documentation alongside the fully edited episode, with an informative booklet which details the research involved in the project in character. 

Copies are available for purchase!